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Tagging campaigns and sources (UTM)

To better understand the traffic to your website coming from links you have shared, you can add special tags to your URLs. These are then recognized by Offen as distinct referrers and presented separately in the Auditorium.

The two categories Campaigns and Sources are supported. They are listed in the Top Pages section in addition to Referrers and specify Sessions and Page depth in addition to the tag name.

Setting up tags

For example, links that are shared in e-mails or text messages often do not transmit any referrers. Therefore, the list of referrers does not show any information about them. To fix this, you can simply add tags containing utm_campaign or utm_source values to the URLs you are sharing.

The traffic resulting from these URLs would then displayed in the respective category as “Newsletter-October” or “Messenger”.


For more information on how Referrers, Campaigns and Sources are displayed in the Auditorium, head to the “Metrics explained” section.